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Benefits of an en-suite bathroom

En suite bathrooms were once seen as a luxury, but homeowners are increasingly choosing to add them to their properties as standard. Whether you’re moving out or staying put, adding an en suite offers a range of benefits for any homeowner.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular reasons our clients cite for adding an en suite.

1. Being On Time Every Morning

In a family home, waiting around for the bathroom becomes part of everyday life if there’s only one WC in the house. And once your kids hit their teenage years, your bathroom could be occupied for hours at a time.

An en suite gives you your own bathroom space and relieves some of the footfall in the main family bathroom. When you’re all getting ready for work or school in the morning, the extra bathroom can make all the difference between being late and being on time.

2. A Little ‘Me Time’

Sharing the family bathroom means stowing all of your cosmetics and smellies alongside the athlete’s foot powder, spot cream and nappy bags. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a serene, private space where you could create your own spa atmosphere?

An en suite differs from a second bathroom because it feels more private and personal; the fact that it’s attached to your bedroom means guests are less likely to use it. That means you can lay out your goodies the way you want them, and when you go back to the bathroom later, everything will still be in the same place.

3. Adding Value

Improving your property is always a boost to its value, and with an en suite, you can’t go wrong. Providing your bedroom’s big enough to form the bathroom space, you’ll be adding a huge asset to your property. In some cases, people will even be happy to lose a bedroom to gain the convenience of an en suite bathroom.

Every buyer will appreciate the luxury of having their own bathroom space, and it could give your property the edge over another when it comes to making the sale. People love the idea that they’ll be able to spoil and pamper themselves, and it helps them to visualise hotel-style luxury in their own home.

Why Choose HC Refurbishments For Your En Suite Bathroom?

Ready to get a quote for your en suite? HC Refurbishments have helped hundreds of clients realise their dream of a convenient, affordable en suite bathroom without the hassle of moving house. We’ll project manage your new bathroom, from choosing the design and furnishings to carrying out the work and fitting everything to your specifications.

To get started, we’ll give you free advice on the potential for an en suite bathroom in your home. We serve clients all over the Surrey and South London areas, and we have more than 15 years’ experience in providing quality workmanship, no matter what the requirements for your new en suite bathroom.

29 October 2013