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The 5 Day Kitchen Refit

Many of our customers approach kitchen refurbishment jobs with a certain amount of trepidation. It’s certainly true that the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to redecorate, and fixed plumbing or wiring means it’s difficult to make changes on a budget. But it’s not impossible to revamp a kitchen for an affordable price, and it need not take weeks to complete.

If your kitchen is looking tired, HC Refurbishments can help you to give it a quick facelift in just five days. Here’s what we recommend.

Day 1: Paint

Every room in the house benefits from a lick of paint now and again. The kitchen is no different. We always recommend that you choose a paint designed for kitchens and/or bathrooms since it’ll resist condensation. Remember to tape around the units and windows with masking tape before you start, and cover all of the exposed work surfaces to avoid irritating spills.

Day 2: Doors

The simplest way to change the look of the kitchen is to change the doors. This classic trick can completely transform the feel of the room, making it contemporary, classic or cosy, depending on the style you choose. When buying doors, ask the vendor if they’ll definitely fit, and don’t forget handles and hinges. Before putting the food back, clean all of the shelves and take the opportunity to use the cupboards in a different way.

Day 3: Layout

Once you’ve changed the look of the non-movable furniture, it’s time to think about the layout in the rest of the room. Simply moving a tall fridge freezer to the other side of the kitchen can completely change the way you use the space. If your table is too dominant, replace it with a fold-down version that’s fixed to the wall, or choose a new table with leaves that can be folded down when not in use.

Day 4: Flooring

Once the messy stuff is done, it’s time to rethink the flooring in the kitchen. Lino is a quick and easy to lay, while laminate will modernise the space. If you have more than a day to spare, tiles or natural wood are great choices. For a softer finish, choose carpet tiles.

Day 5: the Deep Clean

In the kitchen, dirt can gather in all kinds of unlikely places. Despite your best efforts, you’ve probably missed a spot under the dishwasher or behind the hob. A deep clean will bring out the best in your appliances. If you don’t feel like tackling the oven, you can hire a cleaning company to give it a once-over for an affordable price of around £50.

The Big Reveal

Once your 5-day refurbishment is complete, you may not have a new kitchen, but you’ll have a kitchen that’s been given a completely new lease of life. This 5-day facelift could be enough to sell a house that’s been on the market for ages, or revamp a dated kitchen in a short space of time. Either way, you’ll save lots of cash on your kitchen compared to buying everything brand new.

31 March 2014