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About Our Surrey Landlord Services

Owning multiple properties means making time for maintenance and emergency jobs. It can be a big drain on resources, particularly when a tenant needs a new piece of furniture and you have a limited amount of time to source what they need.

HC Refurbishments is a Surrey home refurbishment company that can help landlords serve their tenants’ needs quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing property tasks to use, landlords have more time for themselves and their families. They can sit back and enjoy evenings and weekends, knowing that their tenant’s needs are covered.

Landlord Services: What’s On Offer

HC Refurbishments offers a range of landlord services to clients in Surrey and South London.

The following list is just a brief summary.

  • Decorating and repairing: If a job needs doing in the kitchen or bathroom, it needs to be done properly. HC Refurbishments can assist with repairs and refurbishments, even if it’s just a new lick of paint between tenants.
  • Checks and tests: A full visual inspection of a property often identifies problems before the tenant even notices. Issues such as damp and condensation can become incredibly serious, yet are easy for a trained eye to detect in the early stages. Trust HC Refurbishments to identify and resolve problems with moisture and ventilation around the home.
  • Inventory: When it’s time for changeover, you might get a nasty surprise. Furniture dates over time quite naturally, but tenants do occasionally spoil the items you have purchased for the house. Allow HC Refurbishments to manage your inventory, replacing broken items quickly and sourcing new furniture when a new tenant is due to arrive. If you are starting from scratch, we can also supply a complete kit of all the items you need to provide in a furnished rented home.
  • Emergency Cover: If your tenants call in the middle of the night, allow us to handle the matter quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a broken window or a flooded kitchen, we will liaise with the tenant and fix the problem or arrange a fix with a third party.
  • Outdoor Maintenance: Gardens and yards benefit from regular attention, and tenants sometimes do not have the tools required to fix problems. From drainpipes to slippery paving, allow HC Refurbishments to tackle the problem head on.
  • Internal maintenance: Tenants expect landlords to be on the ball when it comes to maintenance. Ignore their calls and you may experience difficulty getting paid. Maintenance contracts cover you for all essential systems; again, if we can’t fix a problem, we will call out an affordable contractor who can. Maintenance contracts cover any property at any time, all year round.
  • Marketing: HC Refurbishments will source and supply to-let boards for your property, adhering to any local regulations on size and positioning. Once your property has been successfully rented, we will attend and take the board down, leaving the area clean and tidy.

Trying Our Landlord Services

If you rent properties in the South East or Surrey, landlord services from HC Refurbishments will take the pain out of property management. Find out more: call 0800 019 1277 for a quote.

31 January 2014