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Making the Most of a Tiny Bathroom

Terraced houses and small flats often come with small bathrooms. Space is often at a premium in these types of buildings and, more often than not, it is the bathroom which suffers as people try to cram everything in.

However, small bathrooms don’t have to be claustrophobic. With a little creativity, a small bathroom can feel airy and light, giving you a comfortable space for personal grooming.

Planning a Small Bathroom

Careful planning is required to make the most out of your bathroom space. Smaller sized sinks, toilets and baths are available to help make better use of the limited space and there are a few additional tricks you can employ to enhance the space and make it feel larger than it actually is.

You still want your bathroom to feel like a comfortable space and whilst you may have to compromise on some fittings, you can make it stylish and modern. A good place to start is by planning your room around a main feature, such as a feature washbasin or a large walk in shower/wet room with clear glass to separate it from the rest of the room.

Wall mounted sinks and free standing baths will show off more floor space and make the room feel larger. Large floor tiles will also help to enhance the floor space. Go for built in storage space; free standing will add clutter to the room. Naturally, the less clutter, the more spacious it will feel. Do not be afraid of mounting small cupboards above the toilet to create some extra storage space; just ensure guests won’t bang their head.

Decor in a Small Space

When it comes to the walls, there are several things you can do to make the room feel larger.

  1. An airy waterproof picture or mural will give you the illusion of open space.
  2. Mount a mirror on a wall; the larger, the better. Some designers mount mirrors for the full length of the wall, creating the illusion of much more space than there actually is.
  3. Tiling can be used to make a wall feel longer or taller too. Using long, slim tiles which are mounted horizontally will make the wall feel longer. Mount them vertically and the wall will appear to be taller. Wood panelling will also achieve the same effect.

It is worth considering creating false walls in a small bathroom. Whilst this may mean you are actually losing floorspace, they can be used to hide the pipework and remove clutter. You can also use them to build recessed storage space which will add contours and depth to the wall.

If you are suffering from low ceilings, use ceiling lights to light the space. Lots of light is important in a small bathroom, particularly if it has small windows. Use white or light colours to help enhance the space and ‘push the walls back’. If your bathroom is in the attic, consider a window in the ceiling.

Getting Advice

A good plan to suit the unique layout of a small bathroom is essential to getting the best out of a small space. If you are unsure of how best to proceed, don’t be afraid of asking one of the experts at HC Refurbishments.

28 February 2014